Investment & Acceleration


Our future-ready investment approach is rooted in trust.

Robusto Capital is a people-powered investment and acceleration company headquartered in Abu Dhabi and regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Founded in 2019 by CEO Josh Stewart, who has successfully raised and deployed over $100 million as an investor and entrepreneur, Robusto Capital has built an investment portfolio across aviation and energy in the private and non-profit sectors.


Pillars define who we are

  • The Power of Potential

    Human potential is the most significant untapped resource. Through the Educo Model®, we can recognize and uncover the true potential of the people we work with – ensuring the power of potential is the key to our success.

  • Enduring Partnerships

    Solid and enduring partnerships are the cornerstone of our success. Our long-term business partnerships enable us to succeed with trust, transparency, and alignment at the foundation of our investments.

  • Challenging the Status Quo

    We challenge the status quo to set new benchmarks for excellence in every industry we invest in. By constantly redefining standards, disrupting industry norms, and pushing the boundaries, we repeatedly achieve exceptional results.

Values embraced and lived by

Values embraced and lived by

1. Trust
Trust is at the center of every investment, partnership, and relationship we make. We achieve long-term alignment in all our business relationships by continuously cultivating a culture of trust and responsibility.

2. Transparency
Transparency is integral to any investment. We uphold the highest standards of transparency, business ethics, and best practices, ensuring honesty and integrity lie at the heart of all our investments.

3. Alignment
Alignment is fundamental to our business’s success. That is why we are committed to building enduring business relationships and maintaining the long-term alignment of our investment partnerships.

4. Innovation
Innovation is critical in today’s increasingly interconnected world. We are a team of strategic thinkers, creators, and change-makers who constantly seek to improve, enhance, and innovate across every industry we invest in.

5. Empowerment
We value our people, partners, and the industries we invest in. We believe that empowerment is vital to long-term success. We give our people the freedom to lead, think creatively, and realize their full potential.

6. Excellence
We strive for excellence in everything we do. We can achieve exceptional results by taking ownership of our responsibilities, adapting to change, embracing new challenges, and consistently raising standards.