Business Aviation

Robusto Capital® has a track record of achieving and replicating success across the business aviation sector. It is led by the strategic vision of Founder and CEO Josh Stewart, a passionate aviator with a career spanning over 30 years in the industry.

Josh has experience in multiple facets of the business aviation industry, first as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and commercially rated helicopter pilot, with over 5,000 flight hours. Then, with XJet, which specializes in aircraft management and maintenance, aircraft ownership, the construction of award-winning hangars and facilities, the number 1 rated private jet club and FBO. In 2018, XJet completed an asset purchase sale with Tiger Infrastructure Partners ($3.2B AUM), with Josh retained as a strategic advisor. Tiger utilized XJet to create and develop an FBO network with Modern Aviation's platform, growing from just one location with the acquisition to 16 locations. In 2023, Apollo (NYSE: APO—$512B AUM) acquired a majority stake in Modern Aviation. Apollo Funds and affiliated entities have invested over $12 billion in the aviation industry.

Josh has retained ownership of the XJet® model and trademark and continues to seek new opportunities.

As the founding chairman of the IBGAA and a member of the Governing Board of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), he represents Ireland and remains committed to promoting and protecting the industry on the international stage. These experiences have shaped his aviation investment philosophy.

Josh's invincible vision for a new type of private aviation company. XJet® filled a gap in the market and disrupted the status quo by building a revolutionary business model from the ground up. It offers world-class facilities, seven-star service, and transparent economics (jet fuel at cost).

Starting with its state-of-the-art facility in Denver, Colorado, in 2006, with a clean-sheet design that won multiple awards for architecture and branding, XJet® quickly became the top-rated private aviation company in the Americas. It was ranked number one for many consecutive years, set a new benchmark for the industry, and caused other FBO companies to follow its lead. Competitors had to re-evaluate their business models, rethink their service offerings, and re-invest in their facilities – resulting in significant sector-wide improvements spearheaded by the trailblazing impact of the XJet® model.

XJet® then replicated its model in the UK, with the largest private hangar in Europe at London-Stansted Airport. It carried out a comprehensive upgrade to cater to heads of state and the VVIP market. From there, it quickly established itself as the world's number one private aviation company.

A successful exit is a true hallmark of a successful business. In 2018, XJet® sold its flagship facility in Denver to Tiger Infrastructure Partners and the UK facility to Diamond Hangar Limited in 2019. The success of the XJet® business model speaks for itself. Following the acquisition of the Denver facility, Tiger was able to build, grow, and expand a large chain of FBOs based on the path-breaking design, achievements, and standards set by XJet® from its flagship hub.
From ideation to execution to replication, Josh grew XJet® into the global standard-bearer for private aviation—a testament to the success of the Robusto Capital® investment model. Today, from our global headquarters in the UAE, we continue to seek investment opportunities as the owner of the XJet® model and trademark.


From start-up to challenger brand to the number-one private aviation company globally, XJet has built an invincible model, challenged the status quo, and established a new benchmark for private aviation, bringing world-class service and facilities to the forefront. After almost two decades, we are still redefining the standards of excellence for private aviation, propelled by the Educo® model.

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With the competitive advantage of Josh's 15 years of experience in the energy sector in Belize, Robusto Capital continues to unlock untapped potential for growth across our investments in Belize.

Having served as a Director and Shareholder in Belize Natural Energy (BNE), Josh's wealth of in-depth energy sector expertise is integral to our investment strategy.

BNE is powered by a 97% Belizean team and has consistently been Belize's number one revenue generator and employer.

It has contributed over $250 million in government revenues and gained global recognition for its award-winning model.

In addition to our headquarters in Abu Dhabi, we base ourselves in the country of the energy asset we invest in. As actively engaged energy sector investors utilizing the EDUCO Model, we embed our team in every aspect of the investment process, from initial assessment through all stages until exit.


Under the leadership of Josh Stewart, Robusto Capital® is continuing to grow its investment portfolio through win-win bilateral collaborations and strategic partnerships.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum awarded Josh a highly coveted license at Dubai World Central in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Josh was asked to help Dubai secure the right to host the works expo in 2020. Working with the Government of Belize, Josh secured 15 votes from Belize and the Caricom countries for the UAE’s right to host Expo 2020. Josh then saw establishing a UAE-Belize bilateral relationship as a chance to unite the two nations and drive investment opportunities.

Josh led high-level government delegations between the UAE and Belize when no formal links existed between the two countries previously. Subsequently, he was responsible for establishing formal bilateral relationships by signing the bilateral trade treaty and investor protection agreements at the United Nations Headquarters in 2015.

Following this, a bilateral economic cooperation agreement was signed at the UAE Ministry of Economy in 2019. As a result of these delegations, trade agreements, and treaties, investment has flowed from the UAE into Belize from both the government and private sectors. This county-to-county alliance continues to strengthen and develop further, with investments made in energy, infrastructure, and the medical sectors, among others.

As Robusto Capital® goes from strength to strength, Josh is working to develop similar win-win bilateral collaborations to stimulate the flow of investment opportunities. He is playing a pivotal role in developing Ireland into a global center of excellence for business aviation as a leader in sustainability, high-value tourism, and education through his positions as IBGAA Founding Chairman, with a seat on IBAC Governing Board in Montreal and as an EBAA member in Brussels.

Non-Profit & Charitable Initiatives

As a passionate aviator, proud Irishman, and a staunch believer in giving back to the communities and industries he invests in, Robusto Capital® Founder & CEO Josh Stewart is a committed and proactive supporter of non-profit organizations, youth development programs, and charitable causes.

Consequently, Robusto Capital® has funded the founding and development of the Irish Business & General Aviation Association (IBGAA), a national non-profit association committed to shaping a successful and sustainable future for business and general aviation in Ireland.

From day one, Josh has led through action to empower, inspire, and support young people, students, and those in need—enabling their career development in aviation. In the US, he worked closely with the Metropolitan State University of Denver, providing student internships and career development programs. These students went on to excel in the industry as managers, engineers, and pilots.

Moreover, he has continued to work closely with universities, third-level institutions, and student initiatives worldwide, raising money and providing invaluable opportunities for young people to enter the business aviation industry. This has included mentoring, motivating, and engaging with interns at the University of Rabat in Morocco and through Future Days during the Dubai Air Show. As IBGAA Founding Chairman and representative on the IBAC Governing Board, he is active in youth engagement and development at national and international levels.

Under his leadership, XJet has raised over $5 million for charities, including Challenge Air for Kids, Men for the Cure, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Navy Seals Foundation.

Irish Business and General Aviation Association (IBGAA)

The Irish Business & General Aviation Association (IBGAA) is committed to shaping a successful and sustainable future for business and general aviation in Ireland while facilitating the growth and development of our members’ businesses and every industry sector.

At IBGAA, we are driven by a collective commitment to supporting industry growth, encouraging innovation, and achieving standards of excellence for business and general aviation in Ireland. By actively supporting, advocating for, and promoting our members – we aim to create opportunities, establish long-term strategic partnerships, and enhance the global reputations of their businesses and the industry.

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