Controversial Ban


Controversial Ban

Dublin Airport’s controversial ban on Business aviation sparks joint advocacy efforts from sector’s associations

After Dublin Airport’s proposal to cease general aviation activities, EBAA, IBGAA, and NBAA are actively engaged in advocacy efforts to safeguard the interests of Business aviation in Ireland.

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) proposed the suspension of all general aviation flights at the airport, including non-scheduled and ad-hoc flights. This proposition is meant to address the annual passenger limit of 32 million passengers, forecasted to be exceeded in 2024. EBAA, together with IBGAA, are actively monitoring and advocating against the proposal.

Following the news, the two associations have actively engaged with Irish authorities, advocating for an allocation of 20,000 passengers—roughly double the current allowance for Business aviation.

They pointed out the substantial economic contributions made by Business and general aviation to the Irish economy, totalling nearly €1 billion in economic output and sustaining over 2,000 highly skilled jobs. Furthermore, they highlighted the critical role of business aviation in facilitating connectivity for an island that serves as a pivotal international business hub in the global economy.

In support of this cause, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) also intervened by reaching out to both the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland and the Irish Ambassador to the U.S. to defend business aviation interests at Dublin Airport.

Although an increase to 40 million passengers annually is under deliberation by the airport’s officials, EBAA remains committed to supporting IBGAA in the ongoing discussions with Irish authorities to ensure that the vital contributions of Business and general aviation to the Irish economy and international connectivity are duly recognised and preserved.

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